At Muziekschool Zeeland we provide one-to-one music lessons at 5 different locations in Zeeland. Beginner or intermediate? Each lesson is tailored to suit your taste and ability.

5 locations in Zeeland

Get music lessons in Middelburg, Goes, Hulst, Tholen or Zierikzee. Children attend weekly lessons. As adult (19+) you can choose how many lessons you want, so it is easy to combine with work and family.

You can learn to play 36 instruments at Muziekschool Zeeland

More information about music lessons

Can I try a lesson?

We offer 3 trial lessons with an instrument of your choice for €50. That is including an instrument to practise at home (with exception of banjo, bugle, double bass, percussion, harpichord, organ and tuba).

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When can I start with music lessons?

You can start whenever you want. When we have received your registration, we connect you with one of our teachers. The teacher wil contact you to arrange a lesson day and time.

What do music lessons cost?

Music lessons 2023-2024

Music lessons up to 18yoMusic lessons from 19yo
Duo lesson€ 707,00-
Individual 20 minutes€ 707,00-
Individual 25 minutes€ 875,00-
Individual 30 minutes€ 948,00-9x 30 min: €390
-18x 30 min.: €780
-27x 30 min.: €1170
-36x 30 min.: €1560
Ensemble playing, if you take lessons€ 143,00€200
Ensemble playing, if you doesn't take lessons€ 230,00 €275
Starter package 10 lessons of 20 min- excluding use of instrument € 189,50
- including use of instrument€ 204,00
Online Drum Coaching
5 x 30 min
2 x 30 min
€ 118,50
€ 47,50
Muziek Overdag (from 19yo)nvt€209

Can i rent an instrument?

Yes you can! At our music depot, you can rent multiple instruments. These are the rental prices of 2023-2024:

€45: Guitar (acoustic)

€50: Pan flute

€75: Electric guitar

€132,50: Viola | Bariton | Bass guitar | Clarineo | Cornet | Drum | Flute | Horn | Keyboard | Clarinet | Trombone | Trumpet | Violin

€150: Lapharp

€193: Accordion up to 60 bass | Cello up to 3/4 | Double Bass 1/8 | Oboe | Alt saxophone 

€252: Accordion large | Cello 4/4 | Double bass 3/4 | Harp

Are there lessons during school holidays?

Usually there are no lessons during school holidays. It sometimes happens that a teacher, in consultation with a student, catches up on lessons during a holiday. 

These are te lesson-free days of this school year.

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More information or questions?

Send us an Email: info@muziekschoolzeeland.nl or give us a call: +31 88 470 00 00