Mostly Modern Festival

Mostly Modern Festival – The Netherlands

Van 28 april t/m 1 mei 2022 is het Mostly Modern Festival (MMF) – The Netherlands in Middelburg! Dit in samenwerking met het jaarlijkse Mostly Modern Festival in New York. Een festival speciaal voor componisten met zélfs een jonge componistendag in samenwerking met de Hogeschool van de Kunsten in Utrecht!

The Mostly Modern Festival (MMF) – The Netherlands, from 28 April until 1 may 2022,  takes place in Middelburg. It celebrates the classical music of our time. The focus is mostly modern, for composers from around the world, with an occasional foray into the past. A collaboration with Mostly Modern Festival in New York, brought to Europe for the first time! There will also be a Young Composers Day in collaboration with HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

Stay tuned for the full programme.

Apply for MMF 

Applications for composers will start on the 15th of December. You can apply here.